Guidance To Operational Creditors

Broad procedure for Operational Creditors is as under:

I.User Registration Process:

(i) For registration as User, the User Registration form needs to be filled up and submitted electronically. The electronic format of User Registration Form is shared with you by way of an URL i.e.,

Please keep the following documents ready for furnishing the details in the User Registration Form:

  • PAN number of the Entity
  • Aadhaar Number of the person authorized to represent the entity for submission of information to NeSL etc.,
  • Pre-signed copy of the Authority Letter from the Entity / Board Resolution authorizing the person to represent the entity for submission of info etc.,
  • Digital Signature Certificate of the Entity (For authenticating the data & documents) / e-Signature of the Authorized Representative (We trust that the Operational Creditor, as a Company, must be in possession of Digital Signature Certificate for the purpose of filing the papers with MCA/Registrar of Companies. On the same lines, the same DSC can be used for IU purpose also)
  • Bank Account Statement / Certificate from his Banker certifying the details of Name of the Account, A/c Number, Constitution, its PAN, Names of Authorized Signatories, Branch IFSC Code, Telephone Number, E Mail ID of the bank branch.

In the User Registration Form being submitted to NeSL electronically, the identity details (PAN Number) of the entity (Operational Creditor) as well as its Authorized Representative (his Aadhaar Number) need to be furnished to us. NeSL would validate the identity details submitted with the respective identity issuing authorities.  The Entity is also required to furnish a document delegating the authority to its representative(Auditor/Advocate) or its own employee, by way of a Board Resolution.  The Digital Signature Certificate of the Company & pre-signed (Authority letter) document (converted into pdf document) need to be uploaded to NeSL while submitting the User Registration Form electronically.

(ii) Simultaneously, the User is required to remit the IU Service fee as under by way of electronic remittance (NEFT) to NeSL to the designated / following account:

Name of the beneficiary:      National E Governance Services Ltd

Name of the Bank          :      Canara Bank

Name of the Branch       :      Cantonment Branch, Bangalore

Account Number            :      0404214000030

IFSC Code                      :      CNRB0000404

Fee for its various IU services is published separately.

(iii)Upon completion of Registration process and collection of prescribed fee, the NeSL would register the Operational Creditor as User and provide User ID by way of e mail & Pass word by way of SMS to the registered mobile number to the Registered User for accessing the NeSL Link.

II.Submission of Information (Data & Documents):

On completion of User Registration Process only, the User will be able to submit the information to NeSL electronically.

By accessing to the above NeSL link with the help of User Id & Password received from NeSL,  the User (Operational Creditor) can submit the details of Information on Operational Debt in prescribed Form C (NeSL data input format) electronically, by making data entry in the electronic form, from the front end, by entering the details in the Computer Screen.

Concurrent to the above process, the documents relating to Operational Debt viz., a statement of details of sales invoices pending for payment to arrive at the total operational debt outstanding, Sale Contract Agreement between the Corporate Debtor and Operational Creditor, Covering Letters to Invoices, other correspondence/letters, if any, also needed to be scanned (and converted into pdf) and uploaded to us electronically through the system by affixing Digital Signature of the entity/ e- signature of the authorized person.

III.Obtaining Authentication:

NeSL would be processing the data received as above for hygiene validation (mandatory fields, data as per required format etc.) and validate the Digital Signature / e-Sign.  On processing and finding the data to be complete, NeSL would furnish an acknowledgement to the Submitter.

Thereafter, NeSL would send the Debt information / documents to the Corporate Debtor, by providing a link to NeSL Electronic Platform & intimate him by an e mail, with a request to authenticate the information / documents within 7 days of communication.  Corporate Debtor is required to register itself as User with NeSL by furnishing his identity details, if not registered earlier;  and then log-in to NeSL’s Portal, using the user ID & Password provided by NeSL, for authenticating the information by affixing its e-Sign/Digital Signature.  The Operational Creditor would be kept informed of the status of authentication by the Corporate Debtor.

IV.Access to information stored by NeSL as IU:

NeSL would provide access to the information stored with it, to persons as per Regulation 23(1) (a to h) like-  the User who submitted the information, Other parties connected to Debt, Insolvency Resolution Professional, Adjudicating Authority, any person authorized to access the information under any other law.

In case of any need for further clarifications, the intending Users may please contact our Customers Help Desk on the following phone/e mail:

Guidance Tips for Users(Operational Creditors) for availing Information Utility Services

As per the IBC / IU concept, NeSL, as information Utility, will be accepting electronic submissions of financial information from the persons who intend to submit such information and would be storing the same in electronic form only.