Communique Ref No Date of Issue Subject
11-Oct-19 Additional New Services and revision in Fee Structure
NeSL/FC/2019/0008 27-Aug-19 Periodic Submission & Updation
NeSL/FC/2019/0007 23-Aug-19 Deemed Authentication Process
NeSL/FC/2019/0006 03-Jul-19 Generation of Default
NeSL/FC/2019/0005 31-May-19 FORM C New Version (v2.3)
NeSL/FC/2019/0004 30-Mar-19 Fee Reduction for submission (Individual Loan)
NeSL/FC/2019/0003 27-Mar-19 Communication from Regulatory Bodies
NeSL/FC/2019/0002 26-Feb-19 Additional Features of Portal
NeSL/FC/2019/0001 18-Jan-19 NESL Portal Overview