IU Services and Fee Structure

[with effect from 31-03-2018]

I. For Loans/Advances by Financial Creditors

1 1 - Fee Structure


  1. GST and other taxes as applicable will be levied over and above the fee indicated,which will be charged upon submission.
  2. Classification: What is a Company/ Other Commercial entity/ Individual?
  • Company is defined as entity incorporated under Companies Act or any regulated financial creditor for purpose of Registration
  • Other Commercial entity covers partnership, proprietorship, a society, a trust, club, Association of Persons or borrowing categorized for business purpose
  • Individuals are persons that borrow for individual need of housing, vehicle, personal, educational or other loans to individuals.

For the purpose of chargeability of fee for Financial Creditor Service, borrower classification as per PAN of the primary borrower will apply.

  1. The meaning of “Year”:
  • “Year” means anniversary period from the date of submission of each loan record identified by a unique debt identifier (UDI).

For example, if a loan record of a borrower is submitted on 15th of June, 2018, the fee charged for submission will cover each year period upto 14th June, 2019. Second year fee will apply from 15th June, 2019 and so on.

  • Document charges will follow the same year definition that applies to its corresponding loan record which has been uploaded.
  1. This fee structure is not applicable to Loans and advances by Micro Finance Institutions for whom the fee structure will be published separately
  2. @In case of loans/advances granted to Joint Borrowers (Individuals), each joint borrower will be permitted a single User Registration, free of charge.

Published on 31-05-2018